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Purity of vegetable seed: The imperative in breeding Brassicaceae

The main task of every vegetable breeder is to preserve the existing assortment and to select new varieties and hybrids. The breeding of Brassicaceae, as well as breeding of every other biennial culture is a serious, hard and Puritytime consuming work. Every flower has to be treated manually and the selection period is doubled.

Brassicaceae are cross-pollinating vegetables and it is necessary to keep them isolated from unwanted hybridizations performed by insects. The crossing is performed manually with the surveillance of technicians and breeders.

In this way, the Institute for Vegetable Crops preserves the purity of obtained seed and the quality not only of Brassicaceae family of the whole assortment.

In special gallery you can look at selected images from photo diary of Brassicaceae breeder. (autor: dipl. ing. Slađan Adžić)

Organic seed

Institute for Vegetable Crops produces certified organic seed: Lettuce Neva, Zucchini Romanesco zucchini, Beet Palanačka crvena, Green-beans Palanačka rana, Šumadinka and Bean Galeb and Palanački zlatno žuti, Okra Nana.

Due to the issuance of the necessary supporting documentation, the purchase procedure of organic seeds must be started by calling +381 26 317 170 local 117.


Early seedling 

Institute for Vegetable Crops provided early seedling. Seedling is protected from diseases and pests. We offer pepper, tomato, cabbage and cucumber.Seedling offer
You can buy seedling for transplanting, from containers or in pots.
Prices are same as last year. You can buy seedling even on Saturday till 12h. More data about seedling offer - price, assortment - read in special news story.
Seedling offer