Research Associate



Radisa Dordevic was born in Kragujevac in 1961.

He graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade in 1985. He defended his master thesis The effects of „afaf“ genes to resistance to lodging and yield components of pea (Pisum sativum L.) in 1993 and his doctoral thesis Genetic and phenotypic variation of production and technological traits of  afila forms of pea  (Pisum sativum L.), in 1999 at the same Faculty. 

He has been working at the Institute for Vegetable Crops since 1986 at the Department for Genetics and Vegetable Breeding as a breeder of pea and sweet corn. Besides the scientific work, he was a Deputy Director from 2001 till 2008.

As an author or co-author he published 174 scientific papers in scientific journals or meetings in Serbia or abroad. He is the author of 23 recognized varieties. He is a member of Serbian Genetic Society, Society of Seed Breeders and Producers of Serbia and Serbian Physiological Society.   

Research field: vegetable, breeding and selection of vegetables, creation of new varieties and hybrids of vegetables, determination and recommendations of optimal technology for breeding newly created varieties and hybrids.